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ようこそ アトリエ 萌祐ヘ


岸田周子先生のシルーレS, ポーセラーツ、彩色チャイナペインティング、和風彩色チャイナペインティング(有田・柿右衛門コース・古九谷コース)の資格も取得。



アトリエ萌祐では、有坂多絵子先生の「染め付けの本」とその(英語版), 有田焼、九谷焼ー五彩青手、金蘭手の材料も販売しています。ご質問やご購入をご希望の方は、お問い合わせページからご連絡下さい。


After living in the United States for 30 years, I returned to Japan in Fall of 2016. I studied American Porcelain Painting while I was in the United States. After returning to Japan, I took the opportunity to study the painting skills from Etsuko Hanajima and qualified as instructor. In addition to learning from Etsuko Hanajima, I took special seminars, and one-point lessons through former Harajuku Togashi which were all very helpful in reviewing the basic knowledge of painting. There is a lot more opportunities to learn porcelain painting in Japan, and I am always amazed at the knowledge of all the the artists I've encountered.

In addition to learning porcelain painting, I am also qualified as instructor of Shuko Kishida Relief J painting, Porcelarts, Saishiki China Painting, Japanese style Saishiki China Painting.  Currently, I am learning Japanese traditional porcelain painting such as Arita, Kutani.

AritaI have been studying at Studio Kiln Art since 2017 and also under Taeko Arisaka since 2018 and was certified as instructors.

Kutan overglaze painting Godai Aode : I learned authentic Old Kutani style painting techniques through line drawing, methods of applying Kutani's special raised paints, design, and their origins. I qualified as the instructor at the end of last year.

Kutani Kinrande: I am currently studying to become certified as an instructor in the Ambassador class.


I teach at home now based on the knowledge I have gained.  Atelier Moyu is also selling for painting supplies.  We deal specifically with items by Japanese traditional porcelain painting Arita and Kutan. International shipping is also available.

If you have any questions and/or wish to purchase any items, please contact us through contact page